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Spreading awareness and getting people talking is the best way to bring important subjects to light. As much as 1 in 4 pregnancies are lost and that is such a high number of people who are feeling lost and trying to rebuild their lives with no support. HUG has been created to offer support to everyone affected by the loss of a baby at any gestation. We will always update you on how your staggering donations are being used to constantly update the website with helpful sites and to ensure that HUG continues to improve so that HUG can be the best that it can be.

Alongside how hugely important donations and funding are, is you. Your stories, your experiences, your thoughts. We need to hear them. By sharing experiences brings us closer to understanding more and gathering specific information that will help others in the future. So please, please get in touch.

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We have teamed up with some great businesses who are donating a percentage of every sale to HUG! This means that HUG can continue to grow and get more help to more people sooner.

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