Pregnancy after a loss

Finding out that you are pregnant after a loss can be an explosion of emotion. Don’t worry if you feel like you are going from one extreme to the other. It is totally understandable considering what you’ve been through. Contact your midwife early on and get extra help in these early weeks if you can. Even if it’s just a 5 minute phone call on a Friday to talk about how your week has been in terms of coping. Seek help if your anxiety levels are high. There are things you can do to try and stay focused. Visit this link for more help with managing your fear and anxieties.

Ideas to help an anxious pregnancy

Talk to your partner, your friend, a family member, anyone! Don’t keep things bottled up. Getting it off your chest will relieve some of your anxiety. Visit the forums here.

Yoga is a mindful discipline that specialises in relaxation techniques, particularly by focussing on breathing, as the breath and the mind are inextricably connected. When we are anxious, stressed, upset or angry the inhale shortens and quickens, conversely, when we are contented and calm the exhale spontaneously becomes longer. Yoga breathing techniques firstly enables us to recognise tensions and the build-up and secondly provides the tools to help us “change the energy” in stressful situations.

Alas, Yoga is not a panacea for all pains, but it is an excellent self-help discipline that can empower and help us take some control over our body, mind and emotions which will put us in a better position to cope, accept and allow healing to take place.

Although Yoga/Breathing practices are best taught by a qualified and experienced teacher, the technique below will be of great use especially if practised regularly. For any advice on the technique, Yoga, or how to find a teacher in your area,Email

Mandy Keast-Southall has been practicing and teaching Yoga for over 25 years and is a British Wheel of Yoga Diploma holder and a Yoga Lower Back Pain Therapist.


(Can be done anywhere, anytime, lying or sitting) However, if at home, find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for a few minutes.

    • Sit with an upright spine and both feet on the floor with your hands resting in your lap one hand on top of the other.
    • Take your awareness to your feet and feel the support of the floor beneath you....
    • Take your awareness to your hands and feel the light pressure of one palm supporting the other....
    • Take your awareness to your face and soften the tiny muscles that create expressions, around the forehead, eyes, and mouth...
    • Now take one slow inhale through the nostrils.....then softly sigh the breath out through the mouth feeling the body let go, releasing tension with the relaxing out breath, particularly the shoulders and the belly. The whole body now soft and passive yet upright and stable.
    • Take the awareness to your breathing. Notice your breath, where is the slight movement of your breathing felt in your body? The belly? or chest? or a bit of both? Just observe this movement for a few moments.... witnessing your breathing....
    • Next, begin to breathe in through your nose consciously deepening the breathing a little, sending the breath down to the belly area, (no strain, no tension, just a gentle, conscious inhalation) and watch the soft rise of your belly....... allow the exhale to follow and watch the belly slowly drop strain. Continue in this manner.
    • Notice how after a few breaths the exhale starts to become a little longer than the inhale.... this is when you know relaxation is taking place as the exhale is always connected to the body letting go and relaxing down.
    • Continue with this practice for a few minutes, or as long as you wish, until you feel quiet, calm, refreshed or fall asleep....
Long walks
Blow away the cobwebs and breath in the fresh air.
Keep a diary
Yes write down how you feel BUT make sure you write something positive or something that you are looking forward to at the end of each entry.
Surround yourself with positive quotes
Speak to a life coach
HUG highly recommends this one as she has helped an individual turn her life around (me!)

Visit this link for more information

Remember, every pregnancy is a new one. Take one day at a time. We are here at anytime to support you when you need it.

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